NANTYGROES smallholding


Meet The Animals


Jovi, the collie x.

Nantygroes Smallholding

Favourite things … eating and being right in the way.
Least favourite … postwomen and being caught ‘in the act’.
He is very friendly once he is convinced you aren’t a stranger, until then he will bark / growl but wag his tail at same the time.
He has taken to sneaking downstairs from his dog bed on the landing to a more comfortable place to sleep (the sofa) and sneaks back up before he is caught in the morning (but if I’m quick and quiet I can catch him out!) .


Kassie, the young collie.

Nantygroes Smallholding

Favourite things … running and something to chase
Least favourite …. A scary sheep that doesn’t run away!
Kass loves people and will go bananas at first meetings … she can reach a nose from a standing start.


The Cows

Dexters: A small breed of cattle which produces good beef.


Catrin and Harriet

Nantygroes Smallholding


Drynwen and Freddie

Nantygroes Smallholding


The Shetlands :
Shetland is a rare breed of cattle which produces milk and meat. Is known for being docile and doesn’t grow too big.


Carys and Ela

Nantygroes Smallholding


Blodyn and Iona

Nantygroes Smallholding


Llanwenog Sheep.
A rare breed which produces lots of lambs and has good spinning wool. They have black heads and legs and white wool …and are the original ‘Shaun the Sheep’

Nantygroes Smallholding       Nantygroes Smallholding

Visit in April and see all the lambs

Nantygroes Smallholding      Nantygroes Smallholding


Linda and Ian Tame  
SA19 7BQ